The 5 Biggest Cyber Security Risks For Business

Cyberattacks are more frequent and can be a disaster for a business. You need to do all you can as a business owner in order to ensure your company is safe from cyberattacks. This means implementing cybersecurity best practices and keeping your employees up-to-date about the latest threats.

The 5 most significant cyber security threats for your company

1. Password theft is among the most common reasons that businesses are affected by data breaches. Employees are the primary entry point into the company’s system. Employees could be unaware of their rights to divulge confidential information to anyone outside or make a poor choice of passwords that could lead a hacker to break in. For example, many people prefer pet names and dates of birth for their passwords – which can easily be hacked by hackers using some online tools.

2. Malware:

Not only viruses and ransomware can harm your computer, there are many other threats to your computer as well. Cyber criminals use techniques of social engineering and other methods to gain access information. They will often email or call you pretending to be a tax office, bank, or other authority to deceive you into giving up your personal information.

Business Email Compromise:

This is among the most costly cyberattacks, which involves criminals compromising business email accounts to defraud companies. They will typically gain access to the email account of an employee and then trick the company into making payments to their personal accounts. This can result in huge losses for the business and be difficult to recover from.

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