What Traits Make a Successful Board Member?

There are lots of traits that can go into making an effective board member including social connections and wealth to expertise in a specific field. But there are a few intangibles that make a great director in their ability to think out of the box and remain uninvolved when discussing controversial subjects.

Board members must also possess the appropriate communication skills since they will be sharing sensitive information both within and outside of meetings. Board members must be able to communicate effectively in both written and verbal form. A good board member should have a solid work ethic and a desire for the organization to succeed.

The right mix of board members is crucial to the success of a non-profit. For instance, adding an artistic director to the board can provide a fresh perspective to issues that could be stumbling around or not being addressed effectively. Additionally, the addition of a financial expert can help ensure that critical financial matters are being taken into consideration from all angles.

The nominating board should spend the time needed to ensure that the new board members have the required experience and are independent. A competent nominating committee will look for candidates who have a wide range of skills, including an understanding of the nonprofit’s operations and strategies, as well as the stakeholders. It is also important for the board to avoid having multiple memberships, which could make it less effective.


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